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Diversity of macroorganisms and interactions on the ITCER site (approx. 0.75 ha in size; grassland vegetation mown with a brush cutter according to a fixed mowing regime).

Identifications and confirmations of taxa of selected taxonomic groups by international experts. Participation in taxon identification and revision is welcome. The best way to refer to individual images is to right-click on the respective image and select ‘copy image link’ in the context menu. Such links can be used in a message to Identification contributions are registered and recognized in the context of the publication of images.

Tracheophyta (Plants, Ferns)

Tracheophyta (Plant galls, Mines, Feeding marks)

Vertebrata (Vertebrates, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles Amphibians)

Hymenoptera (Hymenopterans, Bees, Wasps, Ants)

Lepidoptera (Butterflies)

Lepidoptera (Moths)

Coleoptera (Beetles)

Hemiptera — Heteroptera (Hemipterans, True bugs)

Hemiptera — Auchenorrhyncha (Hemipterans, Treehoppers, Aphids, Scale insects)

Diptera (Dipterans, Flies, Midges)

Neuroptera (Neuropterans)

Odonata (Damselflies, Dragonflies)

Orthoptera (Orthopterans, Grasshoppers, Locusts, Crickets)

Mantodea (Mantids)

Blattodea (Cockroaches, Roaches, Termites)

Dermaptera (Earwigs)

Arachnida (Spiders, Mites, Ticks)

Invertebrata varia (Invertebrates of various relationships)

Fungi (Mycota, Mushrooms, Moulds, Rusts, Smuts)

Gyrista — Oomycota (Water moulds)

This image archive presents initial and preliminary identification results and serves as a platform for further discussion of taxonomic assignments. Preliminary identifications are so far made from images. In future, identifications will be supplemented by analyses of macroscopic/microscopic morphological details, indicated by [#], and/or of DNA species barcodes, indicated by [*]. Particularly preliminary assignments to species or genus level are indicated by ‘cf.’ (lat.: confer = ‘compare with’) on the respective individual images. (The names of the respective galleries do not reflect the degree of taxonomic assignment reliability.)

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