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Tracheophyta — Dicotyledons (Dicots) — Caryophyllids

Tracheophyta — Dicotyledons (Dicots) — Rosids

Tracheophyta — Dicotyledons (Dicots) — Asterids

Tracheophyta — Monocotyledons (Monocots)

Tracheophyta — Polypodiopsida (Ferns)

Tracheophyta — Plant galls, Mines, Feeding marks

Bryophyta — Bryopsida (Joint-toothed mosses)

Vertebrata — Mammalia (Mammals)

Vertebrata — Aves (Birds)

Vertebrata — Reptilia (Reptiles)

Vertebrata — Amphibia (Amphibians)

Hymenoptera — Apocrita — Aculeata — Apoidea (Bees)

Hymenoptera — Apocrita — Aculeata — Chrysidoidea (Golden wasps)

Hymenoptera — Apocrita — Aculeata — Evanioidea

Hymenoptera — Apocrita — Aculeata — Pompiloidea

Hymenoptera — Apocrita — Aculeata — Vespoidea (Wasps, Ants)

Hymenoptera — Apocrita — Proctotrupomorpha (Parasitic wasps)

Hymenoptera — Symphyta (Saw flies)

Lepidoptera — Papilionoidea (Butterflies)

Lepidoptera — Adeloidea, Alucitoidea, Pterophoroidea, Tineoidea, Yponomeutoidea (Various moth groups I)

Lepidoptera — Cossoidea, Gelechioidea, Tortricoidea, Zygaenoidea (Various moth groups II)

Lepidoptera — Bombycoidea, Lasiocampoidea, Pyraloidea (Various moth groups III)

Lepidoptera — Geometroidea (Geometrid and Swallowtail moths)

Lepidoptera — Noctuoidea (Owlet moths)

Coleoptera — Adephaga (Adephagous beetles)

Coleoptera — Staphyliniformia (Staphyliniform beetles)

Coleoptera — Scarabaeiformia (Scarabaeiform beetles)

Coleoptera — Elateriformia (Elateriform beetles)

Coleoptera — Cucujiformia (Cucujiform beetles)

Coleoptera — Cucujiformia — Phytophaga (Phytophagous beetles)

Hemiptera — Pentatomorpha (Pentatomomorph hemipterans)

Hemiptera — Cimicomorpha (Cimicomorph hemipterans)

Hemiptera — Nepoomorpha (Nepoomorph hemipterans)

Hemiptera — Cicadomorpha (Cicadomorph hemipterans)

Hemiptera — Fulgoromorpha (Fulgoromorph hemipterans)

Hemiptera — Coccoidomorpha (Coccoidomorph hemipterans)

Hemiptera — Aphidomorpha (Aphids)

Diptera — Orthorrhapha (Orthorrhaphan flies)

Diptera — Schizophora (Schizophoran flies)

Diptera — Aschiza (Aschizan flies)

Diptera — Psychodomorpha (Psychodomorph flies)

Diptera — Bibionomorpha (Bibionomorph flies)

Diptera — Culicomorpha (Culicomorph flies)

Neuroptera — Myrmeleontoidea (Myrmeleontoid neuropterans)

Neuroptera — Chrysopoidea (Chrysopoid neuropterans)

Neuroptera — Mantispoidea (Mantispoid neuropterans)

Odonata — Zygoptera (Damselflies)

Odonata — Anisoptera (Dragonflies)

Orthoptera — Acridoidea (Short-horned grasshoppers)

Orthoptera — Tetrigoidea (Groundhoppers, Pygmy grasshoppers, Pygmy devils)

Orthoptera — Tettigonoidea (Bush crickets, Katydids)

Orthoptera — Grylloidea (Crickets)

Mantodea — Hymenopodoidea (Hymenopodoid mantises)

Mantodea — Galinthiadoidea (Galinthiadoid mantises)

Mantodea — Chroicopteroidea (Chroicopteroid mantises)

Mantodea — Mantoidea (Mantoid mantises)

Blattodea — Blattoidea (Cockroaches, Roaches)

Blattodea — Termitoidea (Termites)

Dermaptera — Forficuloidea (Earwigs)

Zygentoma — Ctenolepisma (Silverfish)

Arachnida — Araneomorphae (Araneomorph spiders)

Arachnida — Mygalomorphae (Mygalomorph spiders)

Arachnida — Ixodida (Ticks)

Arachnida — Trombidiformes (Mites)

Chilopoda — Scolopendromorpha (Centipedes)

Diplopoda — Polydesmida (Flat-backed millipedes)

Diplopoda — Spirostreptida (Millipedes)

Malacostraca — Isopoda (Woodlice)

Gastropoda — Stylommatophora (Air-breathing land snails and slugs)

Fungi — Basidiomycota (Club fungi, Rust fungi, Smut fungi)

Fungi — Ascomycota (Sac fungi)

Gyrista — Oomycota (Water moulds)

This image archive presents initial and preliminary identification results and serves as a platform for further discussion of taxonomic assignments. Preliminary identifications are so far made from images. In future, identifications will be supplemented by analyses of macroscopic/microscopic morphological details, indicated by [#], and/or of DNA species barcodes, indicated by [*]. Particularly preliminary assignments to species or genus level are indicated by ‘cf.’ (lat.: confer = ‘compare with’) on the respective individual images. (The names of the respective galleries do not reflect the degree of taxonomic assignment reliability.)

Gallery images © ITCER e.V. and ITCER Kenya — CC BY-NC-ND, 2024

Citation: Rambold, G. (ed.) 2022 onwards. Macrobiome Image Archive — ITCER Site.