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Educational Concept and Planning

ITCER bases its educational programme on international lecturers, who voluntarily share their specific expertise in particular state-of-the-art methods used in environmental research to students from Kenya and its neighbouring countries. ... more


The envisaged academic learning programme is three-fold, as we will offer

  • Teaching modules ... more
  • One-day educational seminars ... more
  • Selected scientific talks ... more
... more

Examples of Training Courses

ITCER courses offer training and skills in the fields of vegetation science and conservation, plant pathology and parasitology, omics-driven microbial ecology, soil science and hydrology, biological informatics and data management, GIS-analysis and remote sensing.

  • Biodiversity and Conservation ... more
  • Soil and Water Conservation ... more
  • Plant Pathology ... more
  • Environmental Data Management ... more

Selected Specific Topics to be Taught at the Centre

  • Rhizosphere interactions impacting plant response to drought in semiarid environments
  • Soil and plant-associated mycobiomes — structures and interactions
  • Complex, adaptive responses of plants to changing environmental conditions
  • The economic importance of insects in agricultural systems
  • Interactions between ecosystem functioning and socio-economic needs of local communities
  • The role of secondary metabolites in plant health and defense mechanisms

Apply for a Course

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Ongoing Research Projects

A number of research projects are being established. One is already underway since Jan. 2023.

Monitoring biotic and abiotic factors that influence biomass production in biodiverse grassland

Recent Publications

The activities within the framework of ITCER research are resulting in first publications: ... more