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Educational Concept and Planning

ITCER bases its training program on international lecturers who volunteer their specific expertise on certain cutting-edge methods of environmental research to students from Kenya and its neighboring countries. ... more


The academic learning program envisaged is in three parts, as we will offer the following.

  • Teaching modules ... more
  • One-day educational seminars ... more
  • Selected scientific presentations ... more
... more


ITCER courses provide training and knowledge in vegetation science and conservation, plant pathology and parasitology, omics-based microbial ecology, soil science and hydrology, biological informatics and data management, GIS analysis, and remote sensing.

  • Biodiversity and Conservation ... more
  • Soil and Water Conservation ... more
  • Plant Pathology ... more
  • Environmental Data Management ... more

Selected Specific Topics to be Explored and Taught

  • Rhizosphere interactions impacting plant response to drought in semiarid environments
  • Soil and plant-associated mycobiomes — structures and interactions
  • Complex, adaptive responses of plants to changing environmental conditions
  • The economic importance of insects in agricultural systems
  • Interactions between ecosystem functioning and socio-economic needs of local communities
  • The role of secondary metabolites in plant health and defense mechanisms

Apply for an Event

(Functional as soon as training courses and research projects are announced)

Ongoing Research Projects

A number of research projects are being established. One is underway since January 2023.

Recent Publications

  • Gkoutselis, G.M., Rohrbach, S., Harjes, J., Brachmann, A., Horn, MA., Rambold, G.: Plastiphily is linked to generic virulence traits of important human pathogenic fungi, Communications Earth & Environment (2024). doi:10.1038/s43247-023-01127-3
  • Kinge, T.R., Jefwa, J.M., Houdanon, R.D., Milenge, H.K., Abdel-Azeem, A.M., Gryzenhout, M., Triebel, D., Weibulat, T., Rambold, G.: Management and publication of scientific data on traditional mycological and lichenological knowledge in Africa, Lichenologist (2023). doi:10.1017/S0024282923000294
  • ... more