ITCER e.V. and ITCER Kenya are non-profit partner organisations in the tertiary education sector, focusing on scientific research, teaching and outreach in an international training centre in Siaya County in Western Kenya (see Location)


East Africa’s natural ecosystems are rapidly degrading due to unsustainable use and multiple mismanagement resulting from, in part, a large increase in human population, and land use practices that are not adequately adapted to the negative impacts of climate change. Finding solutions to environmental problems will require a new class of managers with practical skills to identify and assess current and emerging indicators of unsustainable land use practices that lead to soil degradation.

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Organizational Structure

ITCER is a regional organization registered in Germany (e.V.) and Kenya as an international NGO. Both ITCER Kenya and ITCER e.V. have a board of directors composed of elected board members. These board members include representatives from Kenya and other countries. ... more

Environmental Science Research and Training

  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Integrate sustainable natural resource management to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services for community livelihoods and human well-being.
  • Climate Change: facilitate regional mechanisms to assess and address the impacts of climate change and promote grassroots action to build community resilience.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: working with communities to promote sustainable agriculture.

Strategic approaches

  • Engaging strategic partnerships and leading stakeholders ... more
  • Establishment of a regional reference center ... more
  • Partnering with and strengthening grassroots community groups ... more


Many university curricula focus more on theoretical aspects and have a gap in teaching practical skills in latest methods. ITCER aims to fill this gap … ... more

In a nutshell:

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